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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Honky Tonk Sugar City Blues

I had to buy a car to get around the island as I live on Frigate Bay where most of the expatriates and affluent Kittitians live and therefore the buses never venture. To drive a car successfully on St.Kitts, one has to obey several written and unwritten laws.

1. Cars drive on the leftside of the road and the best way to remember is, Always have your butt on the side of the midline.

2. At any point in time, dogs, cats, single and herds of goats, cows, roosters, hens and tiny peeps will cross the road. Always have your eyes on the road.

3. Signals indicating turns are irregularly used. Do not depend on them.

4. Everybody is in a hurry, and although there are only 34 miles of road around the island, everybody wants to get there fast. Beware of passing cars and keep your foot close to the break pedal.

5. The horn is to be used at all times. In particular, when going around a blind curve, honk; when passing a bus, honk; upon seeing someone you know, honk. There is always a situation where one could honk, so just honk.

6. Mind at all times the sleeping policeman (aka speed bump) and the traffic wardens in downtown Basseterre.

7. Do not expect to see much at night as the street ligths are few and far between. Always drive with your brights on even if the oncoming traffic is blinded by the light.

8. Round-abouts are sooo much fun.

9. Kittitian roads are steep, so a good set of brakes is essential.

10. Just honk.

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