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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What's That Bug?

Most of the time I couldn't care less about bugs, but when they invade my space, I do want to know, in particular, does it bite, sting, stink, and/or attack?

St.Kitts has a plethora of bugs, large and small, pretty and not so pretty.

I have seen humungous cockroaches reminiscent of their fellow cousins in New York; huge black bumblebees continue to fly into my screened patio and then have the hardest time finding their way out; millipedes (black and red) of various sizes stretch their legs in my bathroom; so far I have only seen the famed canefield centipedes preserved in a jar; fire ants march through my kitchen trying to carry away a bread crumb; mosquitos, the little fast ones at night, try to thieve my blood; and butterflies, yellow, red, and brown, are always a delight to see.

I have been told there are many more insects, and I am prepared to deal with them in an appropriate matter following the motto of the islanders.

"A bug outside is staying alive. When it comes into my living space, it's a different matter."

All of Lizard Bob's relatives are helping, too! Muchos gracias, anoles de St. Kitts.

Yours Truly,


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