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Sunday, April 02, 2006

HASHING on ST. Kitts

On Saturday, I walked my third hash. You, who are not familiar with the HASH, check out the website. Hashes are every three weeks and there are runners and walkers. I am a walker for now:>

Just like last time, we went up into the canefields, then into the rainforest, and 2 hours later, it was over. Initially, as always, I was bypassed by young and old, but the longer we walked, the stronger I got, while those who had previously passed me fell aside. Maybe it is my lack of competetive spirit that allows me to be overtaken by elderly people. However, in the end, it remains that while I am not fast, I do keep on trucking, which gets me there.

Oh - I didn't mention - it's hard work, and while climbing up the hills in 87F with very high humidity, my calves are trembling, not in anticipation, but in pain, and are in dire need of carbohydrates, and my face is bathed in sweat. Nevertheless, I can only recommend hashing; it's a great way to see the island.

I have been told Hash houses are everywhere across the world. Join one and find out that the afterparty is not to be missed. It's liming time all over again!

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