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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Piggin' out at Turtle Beach

The Pig on the beach is known to all as Wilbur. He is a 300 pound castrated black pig. Although he looks like he has brown hair, Wilbur is a true black pig that roots, eats, and lives on Turtle Beach. He is very friendly and loves having his picture taken, well-knowing that he is a celebrity. Wilbur likes to take showers; however, he does not have anything like opposable thumbs, so he is utterly dependent on humans, small or tall, to help him out. When Wilbur is thirsty or wants to take a quick refreshing shower, he will wait at the shower station for some visitor or local to come by, and operate the shower or faucet for him. It is a sight to behold. Happy people watching a happy pig taking a shower. Bliss all around! Makes you wonder whether with more bathing pigs and people to help them out, the world could be a happier place.

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